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Fish & Seafood

To no surprise, due to their taste and health benefits, the culture of eating fish and seafood is rapidly becoming a global one. Many varieties which were once considered a poor person’s food are now world renown delicacies. Everyone loves fresh fish and the health benefits that come with eating them. But how fresh are the products you find in your local stores? Are they of high quality, taste and nutrition? If you are asking yourself these questions then you have come to the right place.

At the time of placing your order, your wild fish will most likely still be swimming in the ocean! Most large commercial fish and seafood stores go through a long cycle of intermediaries to get the products to them. This means that the products are in transportation for longer and are frozen and thawed many times in the process, thus deteriorating the overall quality of the product.

We have chosen a different path, our ‘’wild’’ range products are ordered before being caught. And all products coming from outside of Europe (eg. Indian ocean Yellow Fin Tuna) are flown in by plane within 24hrs of being caught.

We also offer the widest range of oysters in Warsaw! We have something for everyone, from connoisseurs to first time tries, luxury to staple... Explore our oyster range and find the right type for you.





All Things Meat

Dry Products

Cooked ham, raw ham, dried ham, smoked ham, saucisson, boudin, chorizo… it’s hard not to think about such products when planning your next Aperitif between friends and family. There’s nothing quite like a well-aged saucisson accompanied with some farm produced cheese and a glass of wine.  We invite you to taste for yourselves, we offer something for everybody, whether you a looking for something special such as a gold medal, saucisson porc noire de Bigorre or some tasty finger bites with our Mini saucissons secs à la Provençale… enjoy staple products from the greatest regions of France.

Fresh Products

Working closely with nationally renowned butchers whose know-how is second to none, we have carefully selected our range of products by favoring premium quality meat which has been hand selected, while maintaining respect for the product. We aim to raise the bar of expectation for all meat lovers and introduce those less familiar to unexpected delicacies. Our range of fresh meats include; superior cuts of beef from different races and places of origin like Wagyu, Salers or Black Angus, Veal, lamb, free-range poultry - whole or in portions plus more.



Working alongside our cheese suppliers in Paris for over 7 years, testing the products ourselves and with ample customer feedback, we have been able to find the most popular, natural and flavoursome products available. We personally love eating quality food, so believe in only selling products which we enjoy eating ourselves, so only expect the best.

Ripeness is everything in a cheese, you must let the cheese develop and breath to reach its full potential. Unpasteurised cheeses are the elite, don’t be afraid if you look at your cheese one day and it’s taken on a new form, this just means it’s gotten tastier!

For advice on aging your cheese correctly please contact us.






Fresh Fruit & Vegetables 

Discover Mother Nature’s best creations at their finest quality. We offer only category 1 products!


What does this mean you ask? In the world of fruit and veg’ there are five categories of quality ranging from 1 to 5. The majority of products you will find in local stores range from 3-4 with some 2’s here and there. It’s simple, do you remember that unforgettable mango you ate on holiday in Spain or those big, juicy strawberries from the farm in France? Well, now you don’t have to go on holiday to find them, we have them right here.

Fruit and veg’ are seasonal, we aim to bring you a tempting variety for each season so keep an eye out for regular updates.


l'Epicerie Fine

Discover the finest wonders France has to offer and more, with over 300 references in a wide range of categories from delicious deserts, and tarts to truffle oils, Safron, honey, and sel de geurande. We offer a vast range of delicacy’s for you to pick from. Go crazy with your cooking, discover new flavors and impress your guests with top of the range ingredients.

  • Salt & spices

  • Oil & vinegar

  • Savoury tarts and quiches

  • Deserts, small bites and sweet tarts

  • Aromas, jams and sweet spreadables

+ more







Ready Meals

In today’s busy day and age, we don’t always have time to enjoy a wholesome home-made diner. Maybe you have had a long day at work and don’t feel like cooking for the entire family plus the dog this evening. How about a delicious, ready meal for the whole family? Something like; Blanquette de veau à l'ancienne with a side of pomme de terre grenaille… Simple & delicious. All you have to do is stick it in the oven and lay the table.

We also offer a range of easy prep’ products for one which require simply to be heated in the microwave, such as; Gratin tian de légumes barquette en bois, Parmentier de boeuf Aubrac or Tomates farcies riz fondant and so many more.

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