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  • What is Le Marche De Paris?
    We are food suppliers for a wide range of customers including; Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, Delis, Cafes, Wine bars, Supermarkets, Events and any other business who requires our services. We are the business, so service and good relationships are paramount. We are here to help you realise your vision. Every week we bring a huge range of products to Warsaw which we then dispatch to wherever you need them to be in Poland via our internal logistics operation. (we have also shipped to Dubai a couple of times!) We offer a huge range of products which are generally available in smaller quantities than other suppliers in our industry, allowing you the freedom to order more products and not bothered by excessive amounts of each one... Order quantities that suit you! Fish, Meat, Seafood, Cheese, Dairy Products, Fruit, Veg', Spices, Pastry Materials, Utensils, Ready Made Meals, Exotic Delicacies and more... Something we didn't mention or service you are looking for? Just ask!
  • How fast do you get your products?
    You place your order on Sunday night / Monday morning before 10:00 and you will receive it Thursday in Warsaw, Radom, Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia or Friday for all other major cities. Freshness is our top priority, your fresh products will always be brought to you respecting the cold chain and guaranteed fresh. If not you will be compensated. Our large team of experienced and knowledgeable staff allow us to sort your order at high speeds, ready to be sent to you just a few hours after we receive it at our headquarters. If you are in a hurry to collect your products, you may even come to collect it directly from our warehouse when we receive them! We can adapt to your needs.
  • How to place an order?
    No minimum order quantity! Order as much as you need. We are available almost 24/7 for you to communicate with and place your orders. Send your orders by email, WhatsApp, or via telephone detailing what you wish to order with as much precision as possible (to avoid any confusions). If anything is unclear we will contact you to confirm. Email: Telephone/Whatsapp: +48 728 423 903 Place your order before Sunday night / Monday morning before 10:00 (for fish and seafood) or up to Monday 12:00 for all other products. If this is your first time ordering with us, please include all business information + delivery information. If you wish to browse price lists, just ask and we will send you what you need. You may also like to join our weekly price lists group, this will allow you to see weekly updates of product availability and prices for fish & seafood and fruit & Veg'.
  • What are the delivery costs?
    Delivery prices: Warsaw: FREE DELIVERY All other major cities: 1. Per large box +-20kg: 35zl 2. Per total large delivery up to 200kg : 150zl 3. Per palet or very large delivery please ask
  • What are my payment options?
    For the first couple of deliveries we generally ask for payment on delivery via cash or credit/debit card. After that we also offer a 7 day payment term via bank transfer.
  • How do the payments work?
    If you choose to pay by card or cash, you will receive your invoice/payment summary with your delivery. This document include all final costs (VAT & correct weights for products sold by KG). We do not take payments prior to delivering your order as some products are sold by weight so we must first process the order to give you the final weight of the product(s). Only after we have physically processed the order can we know exactly how much the total will be.
  • When will I receive an invoice for my order?
    You will generally receive the invoice for your order on Friday mornings after the delivery has taken place. Or at the time of delivery if you wish to pay on delivery.
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